My Inquiry Project!

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For Inquiry at school, our topic was design. We were put into categories; Toymaking, Fashion, Computer Animation, Cooking and House Design.

I was put into Toymaking and I decided to make a stuffed toy. It took me around 2 weeks to make it at school, but it paid off.

Below is a picture of the stuffed toy I made:

My Stuffed Toy

This is how to make it:

You will need:

  • Felt
  • Thread (Pink and White)
  • Needle
  • Ribbon
  • Button




  1.  Cut out 2 purple bear shapes (the same size), 2 big white circles, 2 small purple circles and 2 big pink circles.
  2.  Using Pink thread, cross stitch the pink circles onto the ears.
  3.  Cross stitch the purple circles onto the white circles, to make eyeballs.
  4. Going over your previous cross stitch, sew (cross stitch) the eyes to the bear.
  5. Tie some ribbon into two, little bows and sew them onto the ears, just below the pink circles. Make sure you sew on top of the middle part of the ribbon.
  6. Sew the button underneath the eyes. Make sure the sewing is very strong, or else it will come off.
  7. Sew a mouth on, using just thread.
  8. Put the decorated side of the felt on top of the other piece, making sure that the decorations face in.
  9. Sew around the bear, leaving around 1/2 centimetre from the edge. Make sure you leave a gap between the two ears, you’ll see why.
  10. Go over your sewing with a sewing machine.
  11. Carefully, turn your bear inside-out through the hole. Then put some hobby fill through the hole.
  12. Sew the hole together neatly.
  13. Lastly, tie some ribbon around the bear’s neck.

There you have it, a stuffed toy!

If you want, you can try make one :D.



3 thoughts on “My Inquiry Project!

  1. Hi An,
    Toy making looks like fun and you did a great job on your bear. It is so cute.
    Did you make you own pattern or did you use a bought one? Thank you for sharing your instructions on how to make a bear. Your steps are so clear that lots of people would be able to make one.
    Mrs N

    • Thanks Mrs N,
      I had a book about making stuffed toys so I used the pattern from there.
      However I had to change some parts becuase I thought they were too small.

  2. Hi An

    Your toy is so cute and adorable!
    I wish I could make one like that. Your blog is really interesting and I love reading it.


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