I’m Back!

Hi everyone!

I’m backing to blogging!

This year when I make new posts, get ready for bursts of colour, excitement and creativity! I will try to make new posts every few days, to keep you interested. This is the same blog as my blog last year, however my 2012 posts will be even better than 2011’s!

Stay posted, An

My Go Animate Videos!

Glitter Graphics - http://www.sparklee.com

Go Animate is a really fun website, where you can make all sorts of videos and cartoons. You simply choose a template, choose some characters, type the characters’ lines, save it and you’re done!

I’ve made one and it is called Detention! It is about a cheeky student who hasn’t done her homework. Enjoy!

Here’s another one, called A Problem for a Scientist! It’s about a little girl called Rosie, who goes to the lab  and causes lots of trouble.

I’ve made one more and this one is called A News 48 Disaster! It’s about a news reporter called Brian, whose T.V show turned into a disaster!

If you what, you can make your own at GoAnimate! but first you will need to sign up!











I love art, it is really fun and you get to be creative. You can do what ever you want, without any restrictions.

A very interesting way to do art is on the computer. Many people wouldn’t even think of doing it on the computer, but it is very fun and it keeps your Mum happy, because then she doesn’t have to handwash your clothes (that are covered in paint) with extra Napisan washing powder! 🙂

Above, I made a picture on artPad. ArtPad is a website, where you can create your own painting. You can choose to paint with a normal brush, or a paint bucket. You can put your painting in a gallery and a choose the theme for the surrounding paintings. I chose Fantasy for mine.

If you want, try this website and see how fun it is!








How exciting, it’s nearly Christmas!
 Many people look forward to Christmas, including me. It’s my favourite time of the year!
However Christmas isn’t only about getting presents. Christmas is a time to get together and have fun. Most families have a big party and a feast, to celebrate. Some meals that people eat on Christmas are Pudding, Roast Turkey, Roast Ham, Mince Pies and more. They also eat lollies like Candy Canes.
Families decorate their house with Christmas lights and tinsel, to make their house look pretty. They put up a Christmas tree and decorate it with tinsel, baubles (small, colourful balls that are put on branches), Christmas lights and most importantly, a star or angel at the top.
On Christmas Eve, children leave cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for Reindeer. They leave Christmas stockings on their fireplace (if they have one).
Some children believe in Santa and some don’t, but that doesn’t stop us from having fun on Christmas!

 What do you like to do on Christmas Day?

 Hope to hear from you soon,

My Inquiry Project!

Text maker





For Inquiry at school, our topic was design. We were put into categories; Toymaking, Fashion, Computer Animation, Cooking and House Design.

I was put into Toymaking and I decided to make a stuffed toy. It took me around 2 weeks to make it at school, but it paid off.

Below is a picture of the stuffed toy I made:

My Stuffed Toy

This is how to make it:

You will need:

  • Felt
  • Thread (Pink and White)
  • Needle
  • Ribbon
  • Button




  1.  Cut out 2 purple bear shapes (the same size), 2 big white circles, 2 small purple circles and 2 big pink circles.
  2.  Using Pink thread, cross stitch the pink circles onto the ears.
  3.  Cross stitch the purple circles onto the white circles, to make eyeballs.
  4. Going over your previous cross stitch, sew (cross stitch) the eyes to the bear.
  5. Tie some ribbon into two, little bows and sew them onto the ears, just below the pink circles. Make sure you sew on top of the middle part of the ribbon.
  6. Sew the button underneath the eyes. Make sure the sewing is very strong, or else it will come off.
  7. Sew a mouth on, using just thread.
  8. Put the decorated side of the felt on top of the other piece, making sure that the decorations face in.
  9. Sew around the bear, leaving around 1/2 centimetre from the edge. Make sure you leave a gap between the two ears, you’ll see why.
  10. Go over your sewing with a sewing machine.
  11. Carefully, turn your bear inside-out through the hole. Then put some hobby fill through the hole.
  12. Sew the hole together neatly.
  13. Lastly, tie some ribbon around the bear’s neck.

There you have it, a stuffed toy!

If you want, you can try make one :D.




(This post is continued from my post about Music)

By the way, now I’m actually in Grade SEVEN piano!

As you know, I love piano. Below is a video of me playing a song called ‘Puck’ by Edvard Grieg.

Hope you enjoyed!



As you might know from my previous post, I love Music!

Above, I’ve made a wordle about some things to do with music.

I play two instruments; Piano and Guitar.

I’ve done Piano since I was only three and I love it because it is really fun. It’s really fun because you can play any songs you like.

There are eight grades and I am in grade seven piano.

Does anyone know what Music sign this  is?

If you do, please answer in your comment.

Stay posted,





I’m An and I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself.

I like:

  • Art and Craft
  • Music (Piano and Guitar)
  • Writing

My favourite books are the Inkheart series (Cornelia Funke) because they are really interesting and exciting.

What are YOUR hobbies or favourite things?